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MEP Shop Drawings

Enphy provides 2D shop drawings for MEP - HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Piping & Firefighting

Shop Drawings are extracted automatically from the MEP BIM 3D Model to facilitate smooth offsite fabrication and easy onsite installation of prefabricated components like HVAC Ducts, Plumbing & Piping. Apart from shop drawings, we also prepare Spool/Fabrication drawings for piping and plumbing to ensure efficient off-site & on-site pre-fabrication and to enable plumbers and pipe fitters take care of complex on-site installations.

Other than shop drawings, we also provide Equipment Pad Layout drawings of mechanical equipment.

Our MEP Shop Drawings also include Sleeve Drawings for Decks/Slabs & Walls which are important before concrete pouring. The sleeve & hanger drawings also help in efficient coordination among Structural elements & clash check and reduces ambiguity of civil & structural contractors before plumbing installation.

The MEP BIM model created for extraction of Shop Drawings can also be used by contractors for coordination with various other trades which are a part of Building Construction Lifecycle. The MEP BIM Model can also be used for Quantity-Take-off (QTO) / Bill-Of-Materials (BOM) / Material Take-off (MTO) which is much more accurate compared to take-offs done manually from 2D drawings.

Our services & deliverable include

  • HVAC Duct Shop Drawings – HVAC BIM Model – Duct, Equipment, Hangers, HVAC Routing Layout, HVAC Calculations, Shop Drawings, Spool/Fabrication Drawings, Equipment Pad Layout, Sleeve Drawings, Embedded Drawings, Sections/Details, Riser Diagrams, As Built Drawings, Quantity Take-Off.
  • Plumbing, Piping & Firefighting – BIM Model for Piping all sizes, Pipe Fittings, Equipment, Hangers, Pipe Routing, Pipe Calculation, Shop Drawings, Spool/Fabrication Drawings, Sleeve Drawings, Embedded Drawings, Equipment Pad Layout, Sections, Riser Diagrams, As-built Drawings, Quantity Take-off.
  • Electrical: BIM model for Electrical – Conduit, Raceway, Equipment, Hangers, Conduit Routing, Electrical Calculations, Power Shop Drawings, Lighting Shop Drawings, Control Shop Drawings, Sleeve Drawings, Equipment Pad Layout, Panel Section Details, Riser Diagrams, Embedded Drawings, Spool/Fabrication Drawings, As-Build Drawings, Quantity Take-Off.

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