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Coordinated 3D BIM Model and Shop Drawings for HVAC ductwork and Mechanical Piping for a School Building Renovation project in New York


Enphy's recent project involved intricate 3D BIM modeling for HVAC ductwork and Mechanical piping in a three-floor school building. This case study delves into each phase of the project, highlighting the challenges, solutions, and outcomes that underscore our expertise in this field.


  • Profile: Our client, a prestigious construction engineering firm, aimed to renovate MEP systems of state-of-the-art school building.
  • Needs: Their primary requirement was detailed and accurate HVAC ductwork and Mechanical piping installation plans and Shop Fabrication Drawings.
  • Goals: To achieve a seamless construction process, with a focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Business Need

The client sought comprehensive 3D BIM modeling to ensure precise construction of HVAC systems and mechanical piping. A key need was to optimize the use of resources, including materials and labor, through effective planning. The client also needed to ensure that the HVAC and mechanical systems integrated seamlessly with the building's architecture and structure.


The Enphy team started with only CAD files at our disposal, lacking pre-existing 3D models of the architecture and structure. Critical information necessary for accurate modeling was missing, posing significant hurdles in our process. Also, ensuring the coordination of HVAC and mechanical systems with the building's structure was a complex task.

Ductwork Shop Drawings


Comprehensive Analysis:

  1. In-depth review of all architectural, structural, and mechanical documents.
  2. Understanding the nuances of each plan to lay a solid foundation for the modeling process.

Modeling Strategy:

  1. Developed working files based on the analyzed documents, setting the stage for detailed modeling.
  2. Established levels within the model, creating a structured approach to the building’s design.
  3. Designated clearance areas preemptively, aiming to prevent future clashes in the design.

Information Gathering:

  1. Issued RFIs to address gaps in information, ensuring no detail was left unexplored.
  2. Incorporated responses into the model, maintaining its accuracy and reliability.

Clash Detection and Resolution:

  1. Employed Navisworks for a thorough clash detection process, scrutinizing every aspect of the model.
  2. Resolved detected clashes, refining the model to near perfection.
  3. Documented unresolved clashes for attention during the physical construction phase.

Shop Drawing Development:

  1. Created detailed and aesthetically pleasing shop drawings, embodying both precision and visual appeal.
  2. Ensured that these drawings encompassed all necessary technical specifications, serving as an exhaustive construction guide.
HVAC ductwork Shop Drawings

Through this approach, Enphy not only demonstrated their technical prowess but also their dedication to precision, foreseeing potential issues and addressing them proactively. This meticulous process underpinned the successful realization of a complex and challenging project, setting a high standard in the realm of 3D BIM modeling.

Project Outcomes

  • Comprehensive 3D Models: Successfully created integrated models of Ductwork and Mechanical Piping.
  • High-Quality Shop Drawings: Produced clear, organized, and technically detailed shop drawings.
  • Effective Coordination: Achieved optimal coordination between HVAC, mechanical, and structural elements.
Coordination Shop Drawings

Client Impact

  • Efficiency Gains: Our shop drawings significantly streamlined the installation process, saving time and reducing labor costs.
  • Rework Reduction: Addressing potential conflicts proactively minimized the need for costly and time-consuming rework on-site.
  • Quality Assurance: Delivered results met the client's high standards for both technical accuracy and aesthetic quality.


This project exemplifies Enphy's capability in 3D BIM modeling and coordination, showcasing our ability to overcome challenges and deliver tangible benefits to our clients. Our commitment to quality and efficiency played a pivotal role in the successful completion of this complex project, reinforcing our standing as an industry leader.

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