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Structural Steel & Miscellaneous metal Detailing/Shop & Erection Drawings for a Military Facility in USA

Excellent job! The drawings were accurate and the model helped us execute the project on time and within the budget

- Client

Client Profile

General Contractor specializing in development of commercial building structures in USA




The scope of work was not well defined due to frequent changes at managerial position. Our team at ENPHY had to accommodate inclusions and exclusions in the scope work while keeping in mind the budget as well as the stipulated deadline of one month.


The client provided 3D models which were needed to be verified for accuracy with the drawings for any flaws. Upon verification, our team generated Advanced Bill of Materials (ABM) along with development of Anchor Bolt Setting Plans, Erection Sheets, Shop Drawings, Shop List as well as Field Hardware List.

We also delivered DXF files for plates, NC files and KSS file for fabrication requirements.

Following items were included for steel detailing of the 80,000 Sq.ft. facility:

  • Columns & Beams
  • Beam Plate
  • Bearing Plate
  • Bent Plate
  • Embed Plate
  • Frame
  • Gusset Plate
  • Handrail
  • Landing Plate
  • Rod Bracing
  • Stringer
  • Wall Rail
  • Base Plate and other miscellaneous items.

Technology Used

Tekla Structures

Business Benefits

  • Outsourcing model helped the client in quickly verifying the structural design of the facility without additional overhead costs
  • Considerable reduction in fabrication time due to elimination of errors
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