Enphy India Contact Number
+91(0) 7940008171
Enphy USA Contact Number
+1 408.641.3144

Data Confidentiality

  • Enphy manages high end security of client’s data as well as the company data.
  • All information, data provided by the client, be it tangible or intangible will be confidential.
  • At enphy, we carry out impromptu checks to prevent unauthorized access of the client or company’s data.
  • All our employees are bound by an agreement of non-disclosure and confidentiality.
  • At enphy, none of its staff will disclose any insights about the project or the client without prior written approval.
  • Neither enphy nor its employees will temper, reproduce or share any data of the client in any which way and shall treat all data and information as confidential.
  • Our premise is well protected and no personnel can trespass our office premises.
  • Each employee has their own workstation and is password protected.
  • The entry of each employee is confined to their working area and they cannot take any data or information out of the office premise.
  • All final output shall solely be the property of the client. We even destroy the project details and the files/data/information on completion of the project on client’s request.

Assure you that your data and information is in safe hands.

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