The devil is in detailing, especially when we talk about sturdy building structures. Steel detailing is crucial for strengthening building structures. The design and structural analysis along with sufficient steel detailing and accurate execution of a construction project assures no cracks, deflections and saves you from your worst nightmare of building collapse.

Steel detailing usually starts after the contractor is assigned the project, and which is further worked upon by detailer rigorously working confine on 2D drawings. Now this is the very beginning of the process that triggers a late start and results in terrible coordination among stakeholders that can endanger construction schedules.

In order to tackle such situation we now use advanced tools such as Tekla to develop steel fabrication drawings. The advantage here is if you start detailing after the design phase based on the drawings you have received from structural designer, it becomes easy to coordinate steel with the structure and enhance construction quality. 

Tekla for steel detailing is more than just the project coordination. It aids in enhancing the overall quality of steel structures. The 3D modelling environment enables teams to design on their own and deliver project fabrication package efficiently and cost effectively. This model based approach enables you to break away from complex design issues by leveraging benefits such as 3D views and live schedules to check steel. 

Your project schedules will no longer delay

With Tekla every drawing sheet, 2D and 3D view and schedule is an actual presentation of the underlying building structure. Automatic sync is at the heat of Tekla and hence all your drawings and views are well managed and in sync. For instance you change a steel in model and it will reflect on your fabrication drawing, cutting down on tedious manual updating stuff.

Hold your Cost:

For any business what matters the most is how much can you save on it. Who does not like high rewards at affordable share. In a Tekla model you can in no time figure out alternatives you can use that can suit your requirement in minimum cost. Tekla will help you in estimating the steel along with automated generation of Bill-of Materils. This will save you labour and material cost

Say goodbye to on site troubles

When there is a model based projection incorporated with fabrication drawings you are unlikely to face any in-site issues of scheduling or redrawing.

You can view this steel model from any angle you want and monitor it on-site through TeklaBIMsight model viewer for better understanding of construction.  

Final Thoughts:

Last but not the least contractors can breathe the sigh of relief. Assigning elements as per facilitated members can cut down daunting task You can also place fabricated parts in Tekla model and you can edit and modify it too.

Steel Shop Drawings generated using Tekla offers you enhanced and improved construction documentation. The best comes yet. 

Comprehending the constructability at the very inital of the project enhances both the cost and schedule of the project. It impacts the execution of construction and you can explore different options even before commencing the project. Structural Steel Detailing with Tekla enables you to have more real simulations and have better control over your project. 

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