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Steel Detailing

Communicate structural steel design details to ensure efficient fabrication

Communicate structural steel design details to ensure efficient fabrication with our TEKLA 3D BIM Workflow enabled steel detailing / shop drawings services.

We enable contractors, steel fabricators and EPC firms to efficiently communicate structural design requirements with erectors & shop managers for efficient fabrication & installation of structural members like columns, beams, bracings, stairs, handrails, guardrails, ladders, joists, deck, truss, canopy, platform etc.  We provide Electronic NC files read by your CNC machine.

For Stairs & handrails we provide framing plans, location of members, piece marks, notes, elevations, details of column base plate, embed plates.

Our team of Designers & Steel Detailers deliver

  • Connection Design Calculations
  • TEKLA 3D BIM model for Structural Steel & Miscellaneous Metals
  • Anchor Bolt Drawings
  • Erection Drawings: Anchor Bolt Plans & Detailed Drawings, Erection Framing Plans, Frame Elevation Drawings, Enlarged Section & Detailed Drawings, Stair plans & Elevations, Connection Details, Member Spacing, Elevations, Piece/Shop marks with erection notes
  • Assembly Drawings / Shop Drawings: Individual Member Details, Bill of Materials with Sizes, Cut Length, Connected Accessories, Quantity, Weight, Bolt Sizes
  • Single Part Drawings.
  • NC Files, DXF files, KSS files
  • Bill-Of-Materials/Quantity Take-Off/Material Take-Off.
  • We are well versed with Structural Steel Detailing of

Our team is well versed with detailing of almost all type of building structures including Warehouse, Residential, Hospital, Hotels, Industrial, Parking Garage, Commercial, K-12, Universities, Library, Convention Centre, Cruise Terminals, Conveyor System Structures, Heliport Railing, Bulk-Material handling systems, Oil & Gas projects, Vineyards, Church, Pellet Plant, Single Family Housing etc.


Software we use:

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STE A648235, Portland, Oregon – 97210


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