From the first skyscraper went up, to Zaha Hadid's famous steel curves, steel construction is booming industry.  Especially now, when energy goals are set so high it is crucial than ever before to use steel for sustainable development. In 2016, construction industry remained as a top user of steel with 42%, with an important revelation of 86% being reusable.

With rising demand of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, the stability of a  building and sustainability remains the top notch priority. For this, Engineers, Fabricators, and Contractors rely heavily on accurate renditions so that they can be on the same page while working simultaneously. Various detailed designs and complex graphs are computer generated and handed over. The most important being Shop drawings

Shop Drawings:

Shop drawings or Fabrication drawings as some of you know it are created by detailers and drafters for prefabricated Structural elements.

These drafts comprise of all minute details pertaining to size, type, specs of a steel member required during fabrication. All the crucial structural elements are manufactured keeping in mind the Structural Shop Drawings and Fabrication drawings hence; executing it meticulously remains a serious task.

Design and construction professionals consider Shop Drawings as a strong backbone of fabrication industry. It is evident that without these precise drawings manufacturing building elements becomes impossible. It is important to know the structural and MEP part of the building components. For instance, the size of HVAC ducts a width of structural columns and dimensions of trusses and joists etc. Without Structural Shop Drawing it is impossible for the manufacturer to generate building components. Hence, these drawings require extreme accuracy and precision.

It is important you get it done by an experienced steel detailer with an eye for detailing and can comprehend the inputs from structural engineers. To cut short, for successful fabrication and installation of building components, structural steel detailing services holds due importance. 

Why Outsourcing your Shop Drawings helps?

As Shop Drawings are mainly used for paramount factors, they are carefully reviewed and checked by stakeholders several times before sending them for fabrication. Thus, Outsourcing your Shop Drawing service to experienced CAD professionals can assure you accurate drafting and also helps you in redundancy of re-checking. It is more financially feasible compared to setting up a whole lot of department and buying expensive advanced tools and technologies.

Case Study of a Residential Project:

An engineering consultant in California approached a Structural Detailing firm for managing a residential project. The Steel Detailing firm received Architectural Drawings, Structural Drawings along with a few addendums and detailing standards & specifications from the client.  With, Client’s support and prompt responses to RFI the we were able to deliver high quality steel shop drawings.

The Project involved detailing of foundation plan and framing plan up to 16th level. General Arrangement drawings & Assembly drawings along with BOM were submitted in the first round of IFA submission. On Approval of Erection & Assembly drawings, part drawings or single component drawings with all the reports, NC files, DXF files, KSS files etc.

The Key takeaway:

Steel detailing is an archetypal process that assists design professionals in developing a structural framework for building construction. It is impossible to build a strong and sturdy building structure without properly executing steel detailing.

It has become easier than ever to outsource these drawings of your project to any CAD or BIM firm. Since shop drawings are mere 2D representation of building elements, it is necessary to outsource it to a Shop Drawing service provider who expertise in CAD and BIM and uses advance tools like TEKLA to model and maintain accuracy and integrity of Drawing. 

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