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We need a Unified Construction Documentation approach


Construction Documentation - Unified Approach

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Revit 2018 is boon for Structural Engineers and MEP


Outsourcing Revit BIM projects, to Structural Engineering Firms aids you in cutting down the in-house cost of these upgrades and man-labour that follows.

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Why Should you use TEKLA for Structural Steel Detailing?


Structural Steel Detailing with Tekla enables you to have more real simulations and have better control over your project.

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Why Should You Outsource Your Shop Drawings?


From the first skyscraper went up, to Zaha Hadid's famous steel curves, steel construction is booming industry. Especially now, when energy goals are set so high it is crucial than ever before to use steel for sustainable development. In 2016, construction industry remained as a top user of steel with 42%, with an important revelation of 86% being reusable.

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TEKLA is for Minimizing Time and Maximizing Quality


Shop drawings are a major component of the construction industry and without this any major complex construction work cannot be completed.

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Steel Detailing-Basic Need of Construction


Modern engineering and construction industry demand various other technologies for perfect production. Precisely for this reason a variety of drawings, plans and reports that are produced by the well-reputed steel detailing professionals carry thorough information about different structural components within them.

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Importance and Scope of Rebar Detailing


The term ‘rebar detailing’ is a common used term i

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