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3D Surface Modeling

Surface models for complex mechanical components to define exterior curves, shapes and contours of your objects

3D Surface Modeling Services

Our mechanical design expertise also extends to developing high-quality 3D surface models that provide clear design intent. 3D Surface Modeling is prevalent in consumer products, Car Bodies, Engines, turbine blades etc. 3D Surface Modeling helps you represent the exterior curves, shapes and contours of the object. 3D Solid models have their limitations to represent curvature.

However, unlike the solid models, surface models are geometrically incorrect and cannot be sliced like solid models as they are hollow.

You may also need to convert your scanned object data into a CAD model, reverse engineer your legacy products or develop optimized designs for 3D printing, our surface modeling experts work with you in cohesion to achieve your design objectives efficiently.

Our Capabilities:

We use industry standard tools such as CATIA, SolidWorks, Inventor and Creo for surface modeling. Over the years into the design support industry, we have developed extensive experience in surface modeling for complex parts and objects used in aerospace, automotive, furniture, sheet metal and plastic product manufacturing sectors.

Our 3D Surface Modeling Services include:

  • 3D Surface modelling for Automotive Bodies
  • 3D Surface Modelling for Aerospace Industry.
  • 3D Surface Modelling for Consumer Electronic Products.
  • Surface modeling for organic-shaped parts
  • Freeform surface modeling
  • Surface modeling for 3D printing/rapid prototyping

Software we use:

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