Steel Shop drawings are mandatory in construction industry and without this any major complex construction work is difficult or impossible tocomplet. It is basically a set of drawings generated for Fabricators, General Contractors & Manufacturers. These are a necessity for the fabrication & erection of Structural Steel, Stair Case, Handrails, Steel framing etc.  

It offers detailed insight than the construction documents and can be easily understood by Superintendents & Managers on fabrication as well as construction site. 

Since most of the services in the construction industry are now software driven as it helps to avoid issues with design coordination, excessive time consumption, ineffective information which are the nagging problems of the major contractors and the builders. There are innumerable software's available in the market but it is advisable to use the most effective ones which will yield maximum result in this competitive market. 

TEKLA Structures is one such software. It enables the builders to maximize the in house detailing capabilities and on the other hand increases the option of the fabricators and helps in attracting more business that needs 3D detailing facility. NC1 & DXF files generated through TEKLA can ease the fabrication process to a significant extent and can result in reduction of time and enhanced output. 

In the contemporary times all nations are seeking infrastructure growth and such software's are in regular use in the construction industry. 

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