The term ‘rebar detailing’ is a common used term in the construction industry. But what is ‘rebar detailing’? For superior anchoring in the concrete structure rebar detailing plays a crucial role. It is basically used in reinforced concrete structures. In the contemporary times, all the countries across the globe are aiming at stable infrastructure to guard against any kind of natural disasters or calamities. In order to achieve this precise goal all the steel members utilized in concrete must be positioned with greatest accuracy and this can be done by rebar detailing.

There are many rebar detailing service providers available in the market and all of them are using latest technologies. A rebar detailer is a professional who produces drawings for the purpose of bar bending and steel element sizes for the assigned structures. It is a common practise to use this in structures like residential, commercial, and industrial and others.

An archetypal rebar detailing solution includes the following-

  • Shop drawing services for rebars
  • Rebars positioning drawing services
  • Services for bar bending schedules
  • Detaining solutions for retaining walls
  • As built drawing solutions
  • Rebar design solution
  • Rebar foundation detailing services
  • Detailing solutions for concrete masonry

Since steel construction is noticing a huge expansion and growth, it is important for all builders, contractors and detailers to comprehend the building stability issues. It is a massively complex subject and small errors can lead to great disasters. In order to evade any such errors in rebar detailing, the steel industry has introduced certain international codes and standards which should be meticulously followed by the service providers for generating world class results.

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