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Steel Detailing and Miscellaneous Metal detailing for an Educational Building in USA

Thank you for the valuable support. We completed the project on time with almost zero errors on-site.

- Client

Client Profile

Construction firm specializing in educational building construction, USA


Educational (K-12 Elementary)


Missing information to be accommodated based on the design data provided by the client.

Multiple design changes both in architectural and structural designs were incorporated during on-going modeling work.


Our team provided structural steel detailing, erection drawings and shop drawings for building foundation, mid framing and roof. The designs were prepared for a total of 6 buildings with detailing of steel members such as stairs, railings, ladders and bollards. A complete 3D structural model was prepared for the educational building facility.

We also prepared anchor bolt plans, assembly drawings and part drawings for all the steel members. In addition, Embeds layouts and details with shop drawings for embed plates and angles were also prepared by the structural design team.

The client was provided with a report consisting of Bill of Materials (BOMs), DXF files, NC1 files, KSS files as well as material list, cut list and field bolt list

The project was successfully completed with one month.

Technology Used

Tekla Structures, AutoCAD

Business Benefits

  • Clear design communication helped the firm to collaborate efficiently with the fabrication unit.
  • 3More than 30% improvement in operational efficiency led to faster project completion.
  • 25% reduction in overall project cost through design outsourcing model.
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