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Steel Detailing and Miscellaneous Metal Detailing for a Hotel Project in USA

Thank you for the valuable support. We completed the project on time with almost zero errors on-site.

- Client

Client Profile

A leading general contractor specializing in development of commercial and industrial building structures in USA


Commercial (Hotel)


Each Set of drawings had a specific deadline and we had to prioritize the work as per the bifurcated delivery schedule provided by the client.


The client provided structural & architectural drawings, scope of work with the bifurcated delivery schedule. Our team prepared complete erection & shop drawings, ABM (Advanced Bill of Materials), reports, KSS files, NC files, DXF files etc.

We also developed steel beams & columns, steel framing @ ballroom, steel framing @ elevator, steel framing @ multiple stairs, steel plate countertop supports, gates, handrails, roof ladder, steel framing @ entry etc.

The project was successfully handed over to the client within the specified deadline. The high quality output resulted in complete client satisfaction, making it one of our long-term customers.

Technology Used

Tekla Structures

Business Benefits

  • Faster decision making with the ability to extract quantities accurately and reduce the overall project execution time.
  • Accurate fabrication drawings helped in speeding up the fabrication process of steel members.
  • Detailed 3D structural steel model enabled client to carry out structural analysis prior to actual fabrication.
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