Structural Steel Detailing

Communicate structural design details to ensure efficient fabrication with our structural steel detailing services.

Structural Steel Detailing

Communicate structural steel design details to ensure efficient fabrication with our steel detailing & shop drawings services.

We enable general contractors, steel fabricators and EPC firms to efficiently communicate structural design requirements and install steel structures for residential, commercial and industrial building projects. Our team of steel detailers deliver detailed erection plans, shop drawings and other necessary documents for fabrication of steel members such as columns, beams, trusses, staircases, handrails, canopies, ladders and more.

At ENPHY, we have delivered several structural steel detailing and miscellaneous steel detailing projects for our clients located in USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia. Our team also specialized in preparing information-rich BIM 3D structural models using tools like Tekla, Revit Structure and AutoCAD according to country-specific, IFC and OpenBIM standards.

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Our Experience in Structural Steel Detailing

Key Deliverables in Steel Detailing Services

Our team of structural engineers, steel detailers and BIM specialists can work with you in cohesion to meet all your structural steel detailing requirements. From anchor bolt plans, GA drawings and assembly drawings to ABOM, part drawings and fabrication drawings, we enable you to remain efficient in the fabrication and installation of steel structures for building projects of any scale and complexity.

We delivered structural & miscellaneous steel detailing for an academy building structure in US, which resulted in significant cost savings for the client and enabled faster approvals with greater efficiency in completing the project.

We also served as a crucial steel detailing partner for a leading infrastructure company in US, where we delivered structural design support for the fabrication and installation of Cruise Terminal in Florida.

Our structural engineers also prepared fabrication drawings and Tekla 3D structural steel models for a hotel construction project in USA.

Apart from these, our team has worked on various building structures including but not limited to commercial, residential, industrial, oil & gas, bridge, hotel, parking garages etc.

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