Structural Services

We provide GA drawings/Erection Drawings, Assembly drawings, part drawings, Structural 3d Model, NC files, reports, DXF files, ABM (Advanced BOM)etc.

Structural Services

Enphy provides cost effective and ace quality Structural Steel Detailing services using TEKLA to clients across USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, Middle East and many others. Fabricators, EPCM firms, General Contractors, Structural Engineers, Developers are our major clients. 

We also help them in managing materials by providing them with the advanced Bill of Materials (BOM) in the pre-detailing phase. Our in-house team of steel detailers ensure that there’s synchronisation between Engineers, Fabricators and Developers, General Contractors to avoid ambiguity at later stages.

We provide GA drawings/Erection Drawings, Assembly drawings, part drawings, Structural 3d Model, NC files, reports, DXF files, ABM (Advanced BOM) etc.

Steel detailing services remains a crucial part of our holistic structural services. We provide structural detailing services for all types of buildings including but not limited to Commercial Structures, Residential Apartments, Industrial structure steel detailing, Parking Garage steel detailing, Hotels structure steel detailing, Library, Schools, Churches, Stairs & Handrails, Medical Centre, Automobile Paint Shops etc.

Thanks to our core expertise and technological prowess, we have been able to render highly powerful structural engineering solutions to clients with varied needs. Find out why we are regarded as the best Steel detailing company by many.

Structural Steel Detailing

We extend Structural Detailing Services to

  • Structural Steel Shop Drawings
  • Erection Drawings
  • Fabrication Drawings
  • Part Drawings
  • Anchor Bolt Plans
  • Staircase and handrail detailing
  • Retained Walls Detailing
  • Concrete Masonry Detailing
  • Foundation Drawings
  • Steel Members Detailing
  • Precast Detailing
  • Metal Detailing
  • Misc. detailing

The highlights of our Structural Detailing services and other services include:

  • Accurate Structural Engineering
  • Impeccable Structural Calculations
  • Quality Steel Detailing
  • Detailing in compliance with country specific standards as well as company specific standard.
  • Market leading rates
  • Flawless detailing

Why Steel Detailing is Important?

Steel Detailing helps Fabricators, GC, EPCM firms, Builders/Developers, Constructors get a detailed overview of the structure in pre constructions phase with the help of latest 3D BIM software like TEKLA. 

The combination of unparalleled expertise and hi end technological backing ensures that our steel detailers are consistently able to deliver quality structural projects, irrespective of what their size is.

Our structural steel detailers never embark on a particular project without conducting thorough groundwork and analysis of the project. Structural magnificence is not attained in a day. However, we promise delivery within a stipulated timeframe.

Thanks to our strict quality control measures and BIM implementation, we have been successful in setting benchmark in steel detailing.

We are a steel detailing firm like no other.

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