BIM MEP Services

BIM MEP services including diverse capabilities like quantity takeoffs, BIM 3D Modeling, BIM 4D and 5D Models and clash detections and co-ordination.

BIM MEP Services

Enphy specializes in first-rate BIM MEP Services including diverse capabilities like quantity takeoffs, BIM 3D Modeling, BIM 4D and 5D Models and clashes detections and co-ordination. We ensure that all the models created by us duly comply with the international and local codes governing commercial, residential, industrial and health establishments and the resorts and hotels.

Our team turns to information from various files including

  • JPEG and GIF files
  • AutoCAD files
  • Scanned photos
  • PDF
  • Revit files
  • Hand-drawn sketches

Other electronic files.

BIM MEP Services

Our MEP experts are involved in creating, documenting and coordinating electrical and mechanical protection systems. Plus we are adept at developing projects across various stages through Revit including drawings and schedules. Here is a quick look at the comprehensive bouquet of BIM MEP Services

  • BIM 3D Modeling – BIM modeling services, BIM 3D Modeling Services etc.
  • Clash Detection and Coordination – Navisworks clash detection and coordination services
  • Quantity Takeoffs
  • BIM Cost Estimating
  • BIM 4D and 5D

Our comprehensive BIM 3D Modeling services employ accurate Level of Detailing capabilities (including LOD 100, LOD 200, LOD 300, LOD 400 andLOD 500) during work.

During the procurement process, you’re required deriving comparative data from comparative studies. The data thus derived turns out to be immensely helpful when it comes to boosting efficiencies. Our experts are adept at offering unparalleled Quantity Takeoff services with the help of which you can expect to derive the optimal value of the project.

We have unassailable expediency in preparing accurate crash reports during instances of foundation classes or clashes between utility networks in precincts that have old buildings. Our clash detection services facilitate project delivery.

We offer BIM 4D and BIM 5D services to diverse engineering domains and these services include 4D Construction simulation, 3D to 4D BIM conversions, etc.

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