Architectural BIM Services

BIM Architectural Coordination using Revit

Architectural BIM Services

Avoid on-site ambiguities, delays and additional costs. Our Architectural BIM services ensures efficient coordination of your architectural designs with 3D structural and 3D MEP disciplines using Revit. 

At ENPHY, we provide complete design support with our expertise in Building Information Modeling (BIM) Coordination right from conceptual building development phases to final submittals. Having delivered architectural BIM services for residential, commercial, industrial and educational building projects, we have gained extensive experience that help us to deliver projects of any scale and complexity. We also provide Construction Documentation Services which include but not limited to:

  • Cover Sheet

  • Existing Site Plan

  • Proposed Site Plan

  • Occupancy Chart Plan

  • Existing Demolition Plan

  • Floor Plans

  • Mezzanine Construction Plan

  • Ceiling Plan

  • Exterior Elevation

  • Building Section etc... 

From BIM Level 1 to Level 2 and Level 3, we provide information-rich 3D architectural models to enable project owners to communicate design, interiors, extract Bill of Quantities (BOQs), estimate cost and resolve clashes early in the building development process. 



Key Deliverables in Architectural BIM Services

With our length and breadth of experience in BIM, we support Architectural Firms, EPCs, General Contractors and Construction Companies by remaining a true design support partner.

From developing 2D floor plans, elevation plans and material specifications to 3D BIM architectural modeling, informative 3D product library (BIM Objects) and 3D visualization/renderings/walkthroughs, our team ensures that architectural designs get faster approvals with accurate cost estimation and less errors at later stages of the building construction.

We also undertake point cloud to BIM for retrofitting or renovation projects to convert raw scanned data to informative BIM models with required Level of Details (LOD).

We primarily make use of professional BIM and CAD tools for architectural BIM Coordination services which includes Revit and AutoCAD.

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